!IsValidGamemode Issue

My friend gave me a santosrp gamemode file about a month back, He borght it as far as I am aware, But his server wasnt successful and I told him I was buying one soon. I have now borght a server and tryed to install the gamemode. I set the gamemode to it in the command line, But I get this error message everytime I try to run the server.

Error loading gamemode: !IsValidGamemode [santosrp]

I don’t know what wrong he said If I install the gamemode to the gamemode folder and addons to the addon folder it will work. I have been trying and Ik Im putting it in the right place. Someone help… Also I did google other posts but its just people moaning about Ru Sti xD Someone help!

Get your friend to give you the init.lua which is missing. If he doesn’t have it let him get it from the person he bought it from.

Ok Thanks

Did you rename the gamemode folder?

I ran into this issue with a DarkRP addon before.

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Rusti is known about giving people broken SantosRPs too

I haven’t edited anything. I will add you on steam see if you can help there :slight_smile:

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If you could add me on steam so I could get help 10x quicker! Ty

Is everyfile remaned to lua.txt? :v:

Lol, santosrp… Trying to run a stolen game I see?

noice reading :smiley:

He bought a stolen gamemode. It was leaked by a Santos community manager, then he got canned. Then for some reason he’s back at his old position and still selling the gamemode.

I think he got kicked out/left again tbh