isWeldedTo() colour changing

hmm… I have a problem bcz when I want to change colour of all entities welded to a plate on which e2 is placed, it changes color only of the plate.
To make it more Clear:


1: Post the whole code.
2: You ARE aware that the color it’s setting it to is (255,255,255), which won’t change a prop’s color if it hasn’t already been colored, right?
3: A better alternative to isWeldedTo() to get all entities welded to a plate is to use E:getConstraints(), then loop through that and change color.

Here’s an example:

@name Color Changer
@inputs Change
@persist Base:entity Props:array

#Set Entities
Base = entity():isConstrainedTo(1)
Props = Base:getConstraints()

if(Change & ~Change)
    for(Cycle = 1, Props:count()) 
#        holoCreate(1,entity():pos(),vec(1000,1000,1000),ang(0,0,0), vec(0,0,0))
        Props[Cycle,entity]:setColor(255,0,0,0)  # ATTENTION!  THIS IS THE COLoR YOU WANT IT TO BE wHEN THIS IS "ON" 
if(!Change & ~Change)
    for(Cycle = 1, Props:count()) 
#        holoCreate(1,entity():pos(),vec(100,100,100),ang(0,0,0), vec(0,0,0))
        Props[Cycle,entity]:setColor(255,255,255,0)  # ATTENTION!  THIS IS THE COLoR YOU WANT IT TO BE wHEN THIS IS "OFF"