It aint working

I clicked on the gmod icon, the message saying gmod is starting up, preparing blah blah blah, then after about five minutes of that painful message it just completely disapears with no error messaged received afterwards, what the hell valve? WHHHY?! can someone help me?

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

No, oh and i also dont have a graphics card needed, the 8.1 directx crap.

bump help?!

So basically you are saying you DONT have a graphics card that doesent have directx 8.1?

If i understood you correctly that would be your problem right there.

That, and that Valve didnt make Gmod

Every computer has a graphics card otherwise you would not be able to do anything properly.
Even most motherboards have built graphic cards so you must have one unless you ripped it out.
And why the fuck would you use directx if you think you have no graphic card -_-

Hm wtf is graphics cards? Well then read here

Hm, I use directx even though I think I have no graphic card, so what is directx ? Well then read here

Also whats with putting commas in the wrong places within your sentence?

Stop being such an asshole, i just found out how shit this forum is.

The forum is not shit its just you saying that you don’t graphic card which is nonsense.
Like I said above, every computer has a graphic card unless you have one from like 1990 and if you have a computer from then why are you playing Gmod with it?
Again I will make my self clear, every computer has a graphic card no matter if its built into the mainbored or just slapped onto the agp,pci or pci-e slot depending on your computer.
If you did not have a graphic card you would not even be able to run a operating system properly nor see this website.