It Comes From the Tall Grass

Still new to scene builds and effects.

Send me criticism, lord knows I need it.

I don’t know why, the lighting just seems off to me.

It was supposed to be a green haze / fog that would form when the sun shines through green / brown radioactive smog, so I tried to make it a sickly / deathly and sullen color.

Instead, the orange just stood out like a sore thumb.

Was anyone else expecting this to be Pokemon related?

Did you happen to use colormod? I can see a clear emphasis on red on the image, while everything else being replaced with a darker, duller green-ish hue. As far as I remember, that was a preset for it. If you did use it, I wouldn’t recommend it for the future. If you didn’t, there’s little emphasis on the characters, which could benefit from some brighter, or less dull colors.

I was expecting Jurassic Park.

I did just use in-game color mod, but it wasn’t a preset. Photoshop is a little out of my range of talents, but I did throw together an image in here. This is probably my first real edited picture.

It’s pretty much just, darker, less saturated and with more contrast, and a tiny transparent layer of a light blue, specifically over the characters. Didn’t really help too much, but it seemed to take out some of that awful orange and with any luck refocusing the emphasis on where it needs to go. It was a bit tricky since I had some problems re-loading the build in GMOD so I had to do it over the already color-modded picture.

Hmf. I guess this is a lesson learned on my part.

The second edit’s not bad, makes it a bit more atmospheric.

Not bad, not bad.

oi’ve got a shovel oi 'as.

I think the second is too dark, and for some reason it was strange for me that they were looking in the same direction.

I hope you don’t mind, but I did some editing to it. I just really loved the posing and scene.

Feel free to replace the OP with it, or do with it what you’d like. I also have the .PSD if you want to mess around with it as well (it is your scene by the way!).