"It comes out during the storm" Strange things happening on koth_sawmill

This idea was floating in my head for some weeks but I never got around posing it because I was afraid of failing. Been working on this for 3 hours now and I think I did a good job.


Tell me how you guys like it. This was loads of work.

It’s nice, but you didn’t get enough zombie feeling into the editing, he doesn’t look that scary.

What exactly is happening? Zombification?
That’d be cool :v:

Arty’d because I don’t know what the hell is going on :buddy:

Well I never watched a zombie movie so I dont know how to give him a zombie feeling.(Open wounds or more blood is kinda false for a TF2 Zombie IMO)

Thx for good critism and yes he is turning into some sort of zombie/demon/mindless creature. :smile:

The rain drops are quite big but it fits in the TF2 atmosphere, the posing and lights on the engie are superb.

Blood needs a bit more depth.

I like the pic mate, have an artistic :3

Thx Santz <3
By the way I changed the picture so it has more zombie feeling!

Oooh Lightning, it acutally adds to the effect in my opinion, but I think his skin could use more of a ‘dead’ tone, like a light grey, or maybe a hint of green.

But I still like it :buddy:

And I swear I saw Zombie Skins for TF2 Models somewhere, if I fnd them again, I’ll post a link but the reason why I didn’t Download them I think was because they weren’t very High-res
(Yes, I’m that picky, to an extent)
but yeah, they look pretty cool to me!

Same here.
They are just too low-poly to be used in a pose IMO.

This went down very fast.
Thats not fair because much effort went into this!
Come on guys dont be so lazy and give me some tipps on how to improve!

The lighting on engi is neat. Storm-lighting fits well, but i’d fade the upper part, so it is not coming from the corner of image.and maybe add some clouds in front of it.
The picture itself is great :slight_smile:

Well balanced picture. Perhaps more rot and festering on engies face. Nevertheless an artistic material.

Thanks guys but arent there any flaws? Like wrong lighting or something?
Changed the picture again so it has moar zambee feeling.

Bigger lightening could do. One that rips over the screen behind him.

Im on it.

Cant get the background lighting right

Hah I managed it! YAY.

wow! nice one!
but i think he’s too pink for a zombie )

he should be more like:


I think the lightning should have been gaussian blurred a little, however, the lighting and posing is real good!

I agree, but now with the lightning the strong white lights look sexier.
Also Komai has a point :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha the eyes made me chuckle :keke:
Thanks for editing it(those hands are pretty cool)
I agree maybe he should be more rotten and dead.

Thanks for commenting guys!