It doesnt let me join the game.

Everytime i try to connect to a server it says {the content was stopped because a fatal content error has been detected} please help me.

Not sure. maybe your account was deleted for inactivity. idk, maybe just your browser is dumb

Don’t use Internet Explorer.

Clean cookies often and make sure you’re allowing scripts.

I buyed the game yesterday.

how much memory do you have?

I only have 2 GB left.

RAM, not storage.
Use this to find out how much you have if you don’t know

I think im gonna get banned due to inactivity.

You won’t be banned for inactivity if you bought the game.

Change brower to firefox, worked for me, Update unity. and no if you get banned you wont even be able to log in.

I found the problem it was the unity player that always crashes.

I looked at what he said wrong i thought he said “how much money do you have”:v: