It has come amongst us...

Praise be…

You’re new here, so I’m just going to politely advise you that, as a whole, FP is not a fan of ponies.

Structure-wise, it’s impressive, don’t get me wrong.

go play mincraft

that actually looks really good

I hate MLP so this isn’t brown nosing either

you should take requests

I am indeed new, and I also did this:

Is it more acceptable?

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Or this even:

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And, you know, it wouldn’t be complete without a friendly welcoming sign…

how do you get the building to float like that without pillars underneath?

Remover Tool Plugin

Just spawn yourself a ton of wood, make that stuff… build a large wall and shoot the things you don’t need which eventually leads into a form…

Impressive? Meh…

You know, I would agree.

If I hadn’t gathered all the materials myself. Or built scaffolding all the way up, layer by layer (well, 3 layers by 3 layers).

I did indeed shoot the platforms and pillars once I was done with them though :slight_smile: