It Heavy Turn Now!

Yes there is a grammer error in the title because Heavy is Russian! So just thought I add ephasis.
Was gonna add a vuvuzela horn then again I hate those things so much…:unsmigghh:

Oh and no matter what way I moved the Soldiers arms upward the ragdoll’s clothing stretched so if it looks like low rez clothing I blame Valves ragdoll designer,…

Scout’s arm looks broken, questionable dark red spot on Heavy’s right armpit area aswell aswell as the Soldier’s arms are fooked up and the fingerposing on the soldier looks odd to me.

The ragdoll is like that, I hope your talking about the shoulder arm area on the scout, it’s just bent that way without tweaking it. The heavy’s armpit… I don’t know. The clothes are streched out on the soldier, I would have lowered his arms but then he’s look like a ratard… I will be sure to spot my errors like this and fix them next time.