It helps please

Hola que tal? Quisiera saber si alguien me pueden pasar archivos .smd o 3ds.
Quisiera saber si alguien tiene la de los superhéroes y villanos como:
Ironamn, Warmachine, Batman, …
Es que ya intente transformar .Mdl a. Smd desde aquí: (El Airoman de aquí hay alguien que me lo puede pasa por favor.) Y me da errores
Por favor, si alguien es tan amable de pasarme algunos archivos que me pasa.
Se los suplico: (
Aparte haver si alguien tiene Ganom: (Medrop dice que podría extraer de juego de GC y no se extraer ¿alguien lo sabe?)
Muchas gracias y que si alguien tiene la amabilidad de tener pasarmelos.

Google Traductor:
Hello that such? I wonder if someone can get files. Smd or 3ds.
I wonder if someone is the superheroes and villains as:
Ironamn, Warmachine, Batman, …
Is that we try to transform. Mdl a. Smd from here: (The Airomir of here is someone who can pass me please.) And it gives me errors
Please, if someone is kind enough to spend some files that I feel.
They are beg: (
Apart haver if anyone has Ganom: (Medrop says he could draw from GC game and did not remove anyone know?)
Thank you very much and if someone is kind enough to have have fun.

This is why you should never ever use an internet translator.

I’ve got SMDs for Batman they are fairly easy to decompile from S-Low’s CS:S port.

As for Ironman there is one somewhere on but it’s quite ribbish and the textures are broken.

Don’t think i’ve seen a Warmachine model before.

Edit: What’s a Ganom?

Edit 2: Oh Ganondorf from Zelda, luigimario ported Ganon not too long ago, but no-one has done the Bull form yet (and i’m not sure where you’d get the model except from ripping from Twilight Princess or Brawl yourself).

Edit 3: Found some kind of Ironman.

Muchísimas gracias. mi problema es que yo no tengo dinero para compradme Gmod .
Y aun que tenga cuenta no puedo descargar.
Serias tan amable de pasármelo descargado yo lo transformo.

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Many graces. My problem is that I do not have money buy me Gmod.
And even that has account I cannot unload.
Serious so nice of spending it to me unloaded I transform it.
Thank you.