It is banned without the reason

I bought game 5 days ago, I Russian. The friend enticed, and told to download cheats, and me enticed…
today I came into game, I am banned. I recognized the mistakes and any more I won’t be, unban please. Such won’t repeat any more.

lol ^


Won’t repeat any more, unban please.

You cheated, you got banned. It’s permanent. Go buy another copy.

buy more game

You will not be unbanned. You must have a new Steam account, and buy Rust again.

Why? ;c

If you seriously want to contest your ban, you need to take it up with Valve. There should be a link to where to do so on Steam, I don’t know of it off hand. Despite what you may have read/were told, Facepunch has no authority with regards to VAC bans.

It is necessary to give chances to improve.

This is the best one yet!

I will fix it…

“You cheated, you got banned. It’s permanent. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME”.

There it is.
Keep Cool

You were warned everytime you joined a server that you will be permabanned if you cheat, You have to pay another $20 to play again

This is true, but you cheated, you knew this would happen. This wasn’t a learning experience, this was you being a stupid little shit and thinking you could get away with cheating. There are no second chances, you either buy the game again or fuck right off, that’s how VAC works.

Postal is still offering free rust keys and vac unbans on his profile here

It is bad, I recognized the mistake. Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

Well at least this cheater is honest !,
But no un-ban for you…!

get rid of the cheat you downloaded,
then clean your PC with
make another Steam account and buy rust again…


Ti dolbayob

VAC doesn’t make mistakes! (lol)