It keeps going wrong

Dear facepunch,

I read the thread “Need help? READ THIS FIRST” In order to see if I could get some results, an it didnt.
I am making my own game mode, and for the Derma Panel I created , I wanted to add some custom images I have made,
When I go and test my game mode and bring up the menu, it just appears as a black square. This is frustrating as ive tried alot of stuff.

I was wondering if anyone could

  1. link me to a tutorial on all about custom materials for game modes like for Huds , Gui’s etc.
  2. tell me how to fix it

Any of them 2 would be a good help, currently here are my vmt’s

	"$basetexture" "team_menu_donor"

Here is what the error looks like ingame ;

I appreciate every helpful comment (:

Thanks for reading


Use UnlitGeneric, not LightmappedGeneric in the .vmt.

Thanks for replying CmdrMatthew,

I have done what you suggested and ive got progress!
the black squares are now, Pink and black checkered squares,

Any suggestions?


How are you creating the images in-game? Show your code.

Also, where are your material files? Your vmt is looking for a “materials/team_menu_donor.vtf”.

Thanks for posting jimbodude

I went over my code to see if it was wrong , and i didnt include something which i added to my cl_init.lua
I also forgot to add the same bit to my vmt’s :L

It now works ! :smiley: Thank you for posting and replying and help fixing my problem :slight_smile: