"It make me feel so good..." [Adrenalin Lover.]



Here’s H3llfire’s edit version.



XD Thanks for H3llfire XD

It looks too generic and what is with the yellow line in the middle of the picture?

Tracer. :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, Its sux. plz ignore it :smiley:

Adrenaline - It make you feel good long time.

I’m assuming its a bullet whizzing by.

His googles are filled with piss.

Tracer is not that good, everything else is superb.

Haha, lol.


Damn, I messed up a little, you can see the isolate lines and stuff.

Why does one guy have a pair of goggles filled with pee, yet the other does not?

One has an adrenaline fetish and they other a piss one.

And Hellfire that looks awesome!

He’ll run faster with that

its nice ddok