"It might have seemed like regular work for them, but now, they're stuck doing it forever"


Metro 2033 much? :wink:
Pretty interesting picture there :slight_smile:

Where’d you get that mask? I’ve been looking for it bloody forever.

Possible thread music?


It looks like the sitting ghost is about to fall off his chair.

Pic doesn’t load for me, oh noes.

Wait, it does now.

I really loved the idea of the ghost tunnel. Nice choice of subject matter.

Thats a pretty damn awesome picture right there.

I’d be givin’ hearts but the rating system seems to be on the fritz.

So I’ll do the actual thing and say thanks :v:

Took me a few seconds to understand what’s going on. Now I do and it’s kewl. Needs more ghost children getting eaten by ghost mutant rats.


Spooky picture.
Nice work!

Very atmospheric.