"...It scares the hell out of the Slopes, but our boys love it!"

Let’s put on psy war ops and make it loud.


Oh hey, everybody jump the bandwagon!

Aaaaaand the original:


Modified the title quote slightly.
Comments and constructive criticism greatly appreciated!**


Now that gives me an idea… Are there any good Vietnam maps or is my best bet to scene build?

As for the picture, I like it. Just that the trees in the distance look sharp, fuzzy, and distracting. To me at least. Still, great picture.

where’d ya get the tree models?

I don’t have DoD so some of the materials are missing and the lighting is mess up, a bit :frowning:

The posing, editing (dat smoke) and the scenebuild is great dewd. Well done!

"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. It smells like…Victory.

Some day this war’s gonna end."

Man, I wish there was an “EPIC WIN” button. from where it was to what you made it, HOLY SHEEIT!

holy fuck

Where’d you get those Choppers?

Goddamn I love that smoke. The red one in particular, everything else is namtastic aswell.

Nirrti. He released them an hour ago I see.

Your best bet is to scenebuild then. It’s easy, just spam jungle foliage everywhere, add some fog and a lamp.

L4D2 and RnL.

Damn you, why didn’t you link me this.


Was too tired at the time. I was half asleep when I was posting this and just went to bed immediately after.

Hey, this is cool.

Very nice, dude. I like the red smoke.

I’m tempted to recycle Taggart’s napalm joke.

What’s with the random influx of all Vietnam pictures.

Is there a holiday I’m missing?

No, just good models.