It seems that FP is developing the game for other people than who are playing it right now...

First of all, I would like to say that I realize that developing the Rust is extremely exhausting work and everyone in the team deserves respect and appreciation, but…

Most of the people in this community can feel like their ideas and opinions are worthless because the only response to our ideas and suggestion is like…

“you are playing alpha so shut up”
“Gary makes his own game his own way so shut up”
“they know they are doing so shut up”

I have a question for facepunch… ** Are you developing the game for US? Or is it aimed for other group of people, people who are not on these forums but might actually start playing after you make the game way you want rather than the way people here wants it?** Because I am affraid that after years of waiting you have only US. The people who used to play legacy and who followed you to experimental, so why their opinions aren’t important?

You know what people wants to play, what they want to build, what kind of experience they want to have while playing… So if you can listen and give us for instance base decorations like these new signs and stuff, why you can ignore us and take the great things out? Why people can just decide if they make their shelves by floors rather than your predesigned shelves? why we can do our bunker windows because we just like them like that? Why we can decide what we do in the game???


I feel like a lot of the suggestions are either:
A. Redundant since so many other people have already posted the exact same thing.
B: Too overly complex to introduce so early into the game.

The latter is mainly regarding suggestions that are good/not bad, but it’s not necessarily priority at the time.

i agree with both of you; but part of the reason for the animosity each time someone suggests something is that A) it’s been suggested repeatedly, discussed repeatedly. this one could be avoided by new users actually having a read through older posts before they slam their “original” suggestion down on the table. B) some things are just not "rusty’. it’s like some of the people suggesting things haven’t played either version of rust, and just want to make it COD or Final Fantasy. in fact i have literally seen threads where the op says “i haven’t played rust but i think they should add…”.

i’m a little disenchanted by the recent changes to the building system because i think they reduce the potential creativity. halfblocks for example; IMO there IS no wrong way to use them. But all of this is really irrelevent because in the end it IS their game, and they CAN do whatever they want with it. They have made a shitload of money offering access to it during development, and their development style has always been “we do this for fun, not as work” so you shouldn’t expect a sudden AAA professional attitude.

I hope they will realize everything after all. Maybe one day they will change the attitude from A)“We take away this because you are using it wrong” to B)“hey you have good idea but there is other way to do it”
This whole thing with half blocks is just great example it’s B), all the way… And that’s why I wrote my post…

Try to think of it from a creative standpoint. I’m assuming they take advice from people, but how far they are willing to deviate from their plan is up to them. I tend to use the analogy of a musician since that mostly relates to me. Is the artist writing for the audiences or are they writing to express their own creative mind.

I know it’s vastly different but I hope that gives some perspective. Especially if you yourself are a creative person. It’s nice they even consider our opinions. I tend to think the end product should be that entirely of the creator and not have people or the community prevent the creator from building what he imagined in his mind. Doing so only takes the passion out of the creative process.

If you have Netflix watch the documentary about video game creation. It’s brilliant.

*By no means am I saying other people can’t have great ideas. And I essentially don’t answer your questions. I’m just trying to change the perspective about asking these questions.

Does nobody remember the procedural dungeon system being developed internally right now? That’s going to change things quite a lot and is probably going to bury any memory of the drama surrounding half-blocks, or ladders, or keys, or tool cupboards, or the heli, or randomized skintone and dick size.

I get that delayed gratification only pays off once the “delay” part ends and the “gratification” part begins but play other things in your Steam library if the pace of development doesn’t keep your attention. And maybe re-examine what your expectations are from a game in alpha state - playability is priority 2 or 3 and competitive playability is priority 12+, not 1. People lose sight of that and this kind of addict-in-withdrawl post happens.

ahh postal, always love your subtlety XD