It seems to me this game rewards the least amount of effort.

The biggest risk to a player comes from other players.

The more time you invest, the more you have to lose.

The defensive player always has the most to lose.
The offensive player always has the most to gain.

KoS is easier than trying to talk. It has no drawback, you win every time.

Raiding has no drawback. Other than you might waste some C4. Other than that, it’s pretty anonymous too.

There is never really any comeback unless you brag and mark your location on a map for your enemy. Which even then, so what? You just raided them what will they do? Shout names at you while hitting your wall with a rock? If you took over their base, same thing.

The official servers are the showcases for the default game. The default game seems too heavily slanted towards behaviour that is to the detriment of time investment. Sometime I scold myself for repeating such time investment knowing full well it’s going to end up reduced to naught at some point. I do enjoy playing RUST but it’s often offset by those moments that feel thoroughly undeserved.

As designed.

Yes. That is how it typically works in life.

No, the offensive player is just as susceptible to loss.
While they out raiding, they may be getting raided.

Unless you don’t.
Just because you attacked first doesn’t mean you will win.

You can always rebuild and exact your revenge.

The game is what you make of it.

Don’t like being raided? Maybe it is time to band together and make a huge town that is walled off from invaders. Get enough people to be on to maintain and guard the town.

This is a sign you’ve been getting your butt kicked by other players and putting too much stock in staying alive- there are multiple ways to win here. A friend of mine told me, “the trick to Rust is not giving a shit if you die.” No one can get even a moral victory out of you if you don’t let them. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Maybe the raiders aren’t complaining about having their stuff taken but you can be sure they get hit all the time as well. They get hit going to a raid before it even happens, coming back from a raid… both result in losses for that person. The people who are always out to raid get killed too. At the moment, the game favors people who want to protect themselves more than anything. Creating c4 takes a huge investment of time for just one and then you find out that it takes 2 to make it through an armored wall. There is nothing like trying to raid a place, get bow shotted by some naked in his house, then while your team scrambles to pick your stuff up, you are cleaned up by some roaming players or that same guy in the house.

I am not sure what this KOS complaining is all about. I see a lot of people complain about "kos, " whatever that means. I have to agree with utilitron, just because you start a fight, doesn’t mean you win. Avoid those people whoever they are. I attempt to talk to people but mostly just shoot them in my rust neighborhood. If you don’t have a mic, well… type fast. Even within my own team, we shoot each other everyday on accident right next to our bases. Not a single person gets mad because we know that’s how it has to be. Make some friends and you’d be surprised who gives your stuff back and guards your body after killing you. I’m sure the asshole raiders you talk about won’t get the same courtesy- in fact, most of them get purposely hunted down all the time. Sure, they move up sometimes but having tons of enemies by being an asshole rarely ever pays off.

As far as defensive/ offensive players… I have to challenge that there are only two types of players, one or the other- players switch back and forth between the two types. The players that do the best know when to switch gears to benefit them the most.

Redjenny- I think I might have responded to a post you made on Steam a couple of weeks ago.

Raiders get raided.
Bandits get killed by other bandits.

The circle of life, Simba.

you just reminded me of TheSimba

Do what I do: I only ever stock up on basic resources. I slowly build huge bases, completely line the walls with crates, make it where every room you have to break through yet another door, and then leave absolutely nothing in the crates. Every time I finish a base, I destroy everything I have, drown myself or get myself killed in some other way, and start again near wherever I spawn next.

I get a huge laugh every time I travel to each of my abandoned bases, and witness just how hard raiders and such had to work at, to get at absolutely nothing. Every now and again, I get people that attempt to take over my bases. But the way I make each base, is that I build doors in every outward wall, meaning that I typically have multiple access points throughout my base that are still available to me.

So then I camp out, wait until they are gone, and just destroy their stuff before rebuilding and repeating the process all over again.

Hello there little lamb, welcome to the land of the wolves.