IT systems, even he dont get them.

A litte something I did since I have a better PC now to run gmod on highest settings.

EDIT: Removed low angle shot

I got banned for posting an image like that once.


777th post :3:

MasterFGH got banned too.
If I were you id remove it.
Admins call this “meme shit”.

I’ll change the image now.

Admins :argh:

Hah, kidding, I wuw you all<3

In before Resistance777.

On-topic: I don’t get what’s going on, but I guess the Engy is trying to understand the Command Prompt?

very well posed, actually.

Thanks, I would have done some face posing to his mouth so its slightly open but face poser dont work on the Engineer no more :frowning:

it does, the bubble just doesn’t appear

Thanks for the info, I may improve this screen shot some other time when I aint dying of the flu. (Not swine flu)

Showing two angles is pointless.

I think that the high angle shot looks the best.

removed the low angle shot

How is this a meme? Did I miss something?

yeah, I posted it wrong…

Check my pictures for it. Most of its just junk.

“Grr. Stupid mutherhuber.”

Good quote, I should edit the picture and put that in somewhere…

The engineer is left handed?!?

Since when?

Shoulda zoomed in.

lol @ left hand

Your posing is good, but you need to work on your angles.