It take ages to load map

My computer is very good. In TF2 map is loading for about 15-25 seconds. In GMOD it takes 5 minutes. Why?
It’s very annoying.

It’s due to having too many addons. Either remove some you don’t want and shorten the load time slightly. Alternatively, you can do a vanilla install of Gmod.

Just rename your original Gmod folder that’s in /steamapps, and then restart steam. You will get a clean fresh install of Gmod, which will load insanely fast compared to what you are experiencing now. Whenever you want to get your addons back, just rename the original folder you renamed earlier, back to ‘garrysmod’.

Don’t forget to drap n’ drop the “cfg” folder if you do as mentioned above, otherwise you’ll have to remake all your binds, which can be annoying. For me, at least, it would.

And don’t forget, gMod has tons of different dependancies, so you are not ONLY loading TF2 stuff, but ANY source game you have mounted.