It take too much ressources to make ammo

What is the point to make these guns if the ammo are so expensive that I can’t use them to kill the zombies and the animals?

Guns are meant to be use againts players only maybe?


People should take an IQ test before being allowed to post on the forums.

protip: press f1 and type ‘suicide’ to give yourself free ammo

We have a large crate full of ammo but we have never crafted any ammo. Try to guess how.

Ammo is almost too easy to come by.

Depending on what replaces the zombies it, arguably, needs to be made rarer/harder to make.

Well if you have a problem with your ammo, you can kill zombies or animals with a bow and arrows maybe ? :dance:

Try using a bow to fight pve creatures?! Craft yourself a hand cannon (love this motherfucking thing it just goes BOOOM) or a pipe shotgun. They are shooting with handmade shells and they are more cheap. Real weapons like m4 or mp5 or the shotgun are for self defence against players or just killing em

Not to mention in the future they are being removed, may as well train with what plans to be utilized often.

They are not being removed but being almost impossible to craft, look it up before sating wild things

Stop spraying your gun and this won’t be an issue.

The bow is possibly one of the best weapons in the game. Just craft it - make some arrows with all the useless stone you have and go kill zombies and animals. Zombies drop FAR TOO MUCH ammo. Also a few runs of the towns will yield even more ammo. Then raid players, and get even more ammo. Ammo is too easy to get. I don’t think I’ve ever had an ammo problem. Currently I have a problem of having TOO MUCH.

They definately need to make ammo much more exspensive to make and make weapons cost more and ahrder to get (the research change will slow it down some, hopefully. And the zombie removal will get rid of a load of easy ammo)

You can kill zombies with a rock - with great ease. And a bow with even more. Don’t hunt with weapons.

The only way you would find ammo expensive is if you farm mats to craft it, in a very early stage when you need the stuff for other craft’s. How ever, when you a decent base, and have made some basic gear and wepons. You will loot alot of ammo all the time from other players/chests and air drops. So no, i would rater see ammo beeing even more expensive, then to see them lower the cost.

The best would be to remove the air drop where you can loot 200/each ammo.

Eh, it’s actually REALLY cheap, considering you get so much per ore…

How exactly is this a request thread?

dude i play on german 1 i get the latest dev patches and zombies are just replaced with blood soaked animals