"It used to be a high security prison - it's something much worse than that now."


  • I wanted to make it dark, and gritty and depressing, I feel I have accomplished that.** I took out some of the color of the images to give it the feeling.

Thread music (recommended to listen to while looking at pictures)


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@2nd picture.

It’s bubba time

Damn that prisoners lucky I wish a combine soldier molested me. :emo:

Should get some cuff models.

Nice composition,angle and posing.

To be honest I came in expecting something Batman related. Was still not disappointed though.

Though it’s odd the prisoners don’t have 'cuffs on them.
Also…is that combines eyes transparent? :v:


A guy from greece and a guy from turkey agree? How original.

Hah, Faraon rates every good pose dumb.

If there were good cuffs that weren’t police ones i would’ve used them.

And for the combine’s eyes, its supposed to be the eyes shining the light there, but i soon realized afterwards that that is impossible :v:

Really nice composition.

I think this fits better

Yeah, that fits much better.

OP’s thread music would fit for a scene where you’re being transported to Nova Prospekt.