''It was a bad idea to stay here, mate.'' Survivor searching a corpse + some bonuses

  • All in-game

  • I know about the clipping.


  • Bloom rape, lol.

The Skully ones are really awesome and atmospheric. Good job.

Turn your AF settings up

huh? Everything’s on max…

Nemesis model link plox?!

It was in the Release’s, but…It’s not there, anymore.

I found on it garrysmod.org, just search for Nemesis.
It’s stolen, though. The password is in the comments…

(don’t wanna post the link, since it’s stolen…lol)

I agree with Jericho_Rus on how the Skully images are.

Thanks for your replies.

Something about that Skully model makes me think “Damn, he’s one bad-ass.”

lol I like the Garrus one, mostly because it has Garrus… but thats besides the fact thats its still a nice setup.

Damn, all that shit is fucking awesome looking even the bloom rape bonus.

Good work man.