"It was a quiet morning until..."

A German halftrack showed up! :v:


C&C :cheers:

Too genetic

But overall it looks great!

Did that Halftrack just vomited those German soldiers?

Looks good!

Nice work, but how is that poor devil still standing…

Well in reality, you can stand, somewhat without an arm but you’d be in a shitload of pain… I went for a look of him getting out of the vehicle without his arm and then the Russian shooting him and I resembled that by making him stand oddly.

True I guess. The state of shock can also disconnect the pain.


but both of us haven’t lost an arm yet so there’s no for sure way to tell what goes on, but that’s just a common sense answer I made just from the view of movies and videos on the internet.

Reminds me of the first two Call of Duties… Nice one.

I like the face on the standing soldier on the right.

“Hallo, ich habe keine arm.”


I like it Mrs. Camarilla.

Nice SDoF, and nice use of the gore.

Thanks. See you when you get home from school. :h:

One interesting thing I noticed about this picture was the rifle at the armless infantryman’s feet. That doesn’t look like a Kar98. What is it?

It is a Kar98k, and I got it from the Call of Duty pack in the release section.

My only complaint is the dude standing without the arm, but other then that, it’s great :buddy:


Needs cinema editing.



Worst 2000th post ever.