It was going to be requested anyway... Halo Aniversery..

Ok… so how many decades are we going to wait before the talented folks here start porting this stuff? would love to see the Marines an a Keys model in the future. I know beggars can’t be choosers but what are some of your opinions on when we can see this stuff coming to Gmod?

I don’t see what’s wrong with requesting it, unless the collective Halo thread already has plans. In which case I’d say go take a look there what they have planned.

I’m not sure how hard getting models from this game will be, due to it’s just Combat Evolved with better graphics and models. If it’s as hard as Reach, then I’m going to have to say not to expect anything any time soon. But if it’s easier…some new Flood would be nice.

Maybe an model of the actual Halo ring the game’s named after. Though it’d probably only be used for green screened videos and the such.

Anyways, good luck getting them.

Basically what LongJohn said. Since the Reach Troopers weren’t ported, It could be done from CE: Anniversary. They have the same armor and all.

True. You think its any easier to do it from Anniversary or from reach?

Can’t really say. I have no idea what engine its on. Reach is almost impossible to port from, due to the fact that only a certain amount of people have the ability to. Our best bet is with Anniversary.

Halo thread got locked last month.

Wha… what for? D:

99.999999% of the posts with people whining and requesting stuff. Which is what you should expect from the xbox 360 community.
0.000001% of the posts with content.

Sad, really. I’ve been playing around with a Warthog model from Halo 2 Vista and was hoping to show it there. Long Wheelbase Civilian Warthog.

As for the original post, I’d think that it would require some sort of NTSC decryption program to even access the game’s code. Other than that, If you know the original Halo engine’s code, you might be able to get the assets from the Saber 3D engine as well, considering the fact that they run together. Would be cool too, since a LOT of Reach assets were reused.