It will take mutch time to lunch a public version ?

hello i have same questions to do

Is this game will out to the people buy it ?
because i have see , it have mutch players already playing it , and i don´t anderstend why not lunch the game
-Is the problem the hackers ?
-The own just wanna lunch it when it is 100% ?
-This is just a fun job for facepunch menbers ?

because i´m just warnign if dayz stande allone out first then Rust i will just forget this game and go play the standallone , and mutch more people will do the same so i hape the devp. hurry up please

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i didn’t know you can lunch a public version.

Rust is in ALPHA TESTING. It is so unfinished, the game devs are allowing very small numbers of players on.

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And there’s absolutely no point in trying to rush a game to try and beat another game that’s similar.

What will not hurt Rust: Coming out after DayZ standalone.

What will hurt Rust: Launching just before DayZ standalone and being a fucking unplayable, buggy mess that everyone hates and stops playing after a week. That will do more to get people to play DayZ than any amount of waiting would.

This is just alpha, meaning it’s still in production and they haven’t even really added any fun, exciting, interesting parts to the game.

ok sorry , it now answer 100% but ok

who lose are they and who win is the Rocket … xD

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it’s not gone, it’s in the box

From his first post, if it really is a photo of him, he’s a Portuguese 13-year-old. I’m willing to look past his English mistakes. The stupidity behind his posts, not so much.

I will munch on my lunch too.

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I’d laugh harder if these posts weren’t far and few to come by, but this English is impeccable.

Maybe when it’s medium well…

I love how everyone picks on a guy for poor typing, his questions are stupid i’ll admit that, but you shouldn’t pick on how he types, what if English isn’t the guys first language?

I’m respecting him for the attempt

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I swear, everytime someone on here from Portugal posts, the grammar/spelling is mind-blowingly awful. Is it something about Portuguese?

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