It would appear that I've Burst into Flames!

I got TF2 with Garry’s Mod Today. This is My First Picture


O My God…

Pose on the spy looks ok, it even has faceposing.

Lol’ed at the title.

Please dont use GM_construct, unless your making a scenebuild.

Use and follow these instructions.



Title and idea is funny, but Gm_construct ruins it a bit.

Okay Sorry about the Construct. I don’t really have much in the way of maps as I only have TF2. I will download some more :smiley:

No. Don’t use filesmelt, because your files get removed after a certain period of time. I don’t get you guys with your filesmelt fetish; do you like people being unable to view your pictures or something?

It’s simple, kinda cool.

They have gotten better recently I noticed. But it is true what you say. They have a habit of deleting stuff after some time. I usually just upload again.

Perhaps is any good. Haven’t much experience with the site, but you can link fullscreen from them to.

TF2 poses = TF2 Maps

TF2 Chars dont fit in other maps.

I’ve always used photobucket. I haven’t found a problem with it.

It’s fine until you start uploading really hi-res pictures. They resize everything.

Whats wrong with tinypic?