It would be desirable to eat

Awesome… but eating it is not

Won’t he get infected?!

Nah, I’m diet.

Well he would die from eating infected meet, imune or not. He wouldn’t become infected, he would just die. Also I like this have a artistic

you sure know it from the first hands

Considering the survivors are all already infected as far as I remember, it shouldn’t do him any issues. The only problem could be if the meat itself has toxic substances inside of it. Think stuff like boomer bile.

they are immune to the infection

Wouldn’t the cooking process already kill the infection in the meat? Considering it was well cooked then it’s perfectly safe to eat without worry.

What i thought and boiling could do the same thing.

Just cause they are infected, means only they are immune to bites and sratches from the infected, eating said infected meat would kill them outright. But you make a good point on the Boomer Bile.

Then the army would just send all of their Pyromaniacs out and the world is saved

Sigh OK folks, I’m whipping out the handbook digs through his room, and finds the Zombie Survival Guide Yeah, it says HERE that eating** infected flesh WILL KILL YOU, unless, of course, you have “open wounds” in or around your mouth while you eat.
Personally, that arm doesn’t look infected. It also looks cooked, which probably explains why Louis isn’t in the picture :pwn: