[ITA - NoMod] Rust Server [ActiveAdmin]

The clan I Saccheggiatori will signal the opening of their server and invite you to visit if you’re looking for a gaming experience not distorted by various amendments adopted by the Mod or Admin .
On our server Admins are active and constantly working to find new ways to entertain you.
We have created an arena that will soon be used for PvP tournaments with different prizes for the winner.

Some info summarized :

Server Name: [ITA - NoMod!] I Saccheggiatori [ActiveAdmins - PvP/PvE - Sleepers - AirDrop 5]
Connection String : net.connect
Check for updates : Daily
Server location : Germany ( low latency )
Current server slots : 50 (can be increased if necessary)
Airdrop : On to 5 players
Sleeper : On
PvP : On
Wipe : NO!
Cheatpunch: ON

Miscellaneous : In this server , regardless of whether or not to install from Mod, never ever players and Admin , if you connect as players will have aggevolazioni.
The policy towards cheaters is the direct Ban.

Now you just need to connect it and try it :slight_smile: