ITBurns! New website dedicated to funny garrysmod pictures.

I am the admin of , a new website devoted to funny Garrysmod pictures.

Check it out, as we are needing new image submissions! You can send submissions to

None of those pictures made me crack even a smile.
Also, don’t sign up just to advertise.

Ok. If you don’t like it, pose your own and get featured.

It’s hardly being “featured” as such.

It’s not that great, and you used a very standard wordpress theme. If you want to get anywhere, you need to make some sort of upload script so people can upload them, and maybe have some people as mods to approve etc.

you can post Site links on Facepunch without getting banned immediately?


cool massive ebaumsworld-esque watermark

I read the title as “ITBurns! New website dedicated to furry garrysmod pictures.”

I rofl’d

Im not the only one then =D

That post was funnier than the actual blog.

I was not pleased…

Ok, well, what should I do. I thought it was a good idea, because there aren’t any sites like it. I really would like some constructive criticism.

It was a good idea, but it needs quite a bit of work.

For a start, get rid of the XBOXHUEG watermark.

The idea was good, the contributions however… were not.

Ok, would you like to submit something? Really, I need some good poses.

Remove the watermark, as a start. Start working on or just make now an upload form for users to submit images into a mod queue, and start hiring.

Name could not be closer to the truth.

It Burns…

Ok, i am working on it right now!


3:06 Watermarks removed
3:29 Form added




Look, I just want some constructive criticism. Not “it fails”. I really am trying to listen to your inputl