It'd Be Easier To Play With Friends Wouldn't It?

It’s so annoying for all of the hard work and time to create a “listen/Dedicated server” isn’t it? For some people it is easy yes I admit, and you might think about this thread and bad comment like “Ha this noob is lazy ass to make a server” or “LoL this mingebad is too retarded to create a server”. On or other tutorials there is so many useless video tutorials on how to create a Gmod 10 Listen/Dedicated server that most of the time doesn’t work, I always pull my hair since I can never make a listen server to simply play with my friends with all of its bullshit videos, even on the Gmod wiki I follow doesnt work (might be my router I dont know).

One Day the new source game came out for free on STEAM called “Alien Swarm” and you probably all heard about it and have the game. The game is pretty fun with the feel of a classic shooter game. Then I saw this button named “Create Game”, and I was like “Oh why not I bet it wont even work”.
A few seconds after I created a match all of a sudden 3 people who I dont know joined the game and I was shocked as hell that it was THAT EASY TO CREATE A SERVER THIS EASILY IN THIS SOURCE GAME while we all suffer making just 1 JUST 1 Listen Server.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the creator “Garry” would make a simple update with a button that says “Create Friend Server” (so that only friends can join)?
Instead of all us innocent friendly people suffering with port forwording and SRCDS and stuff. Who knows maybe if Garry does read this he might get an idea of creating one :O.

            -From your friendly Old Man

Sorry bud, but networking works dramatically different in newer games like Alien Swarm. As far as I know, when you connect or someone connects to a server or your server, you’re not actually using your IP address directly, they use some form of emulated networking that’s a little strange to me.

Secondly, port-forwarding sometimes absolutely necessary, and it’s just one of those bothersome deals every server host has to go through due to routing.

If you are just going to play with a couple of friends, just rent one with 4 or so slots and password it.

Its not going to go above 4$.

Who wants to pay for a server? I mean, really, paying 10-15 dollars just to fiddle with friends for an hour. That’s a ripoff by my standards.
hides behind riot shield

Agrees Yeah, it is an ass, though somehow my friend got it working, but he does the exact same thing elsewhere (port forwarding and all) and it fails…
(Been thinking about turning my comp into a Ded-server)

You know, there are many things that decide the price of the server. If you want to play with a couple of friends, you can get a nice decent 6 slot server which will be like ±$7. You can call this rip-off all you want, but you must understand that the $7 is for a whole month.

If you want to play with your friends for free, you can either just join a server, or you can go through the trouble of creating a server, which isn’t really a much of a problem if you have the ability to read and comprehend properly.

You could use hamachi and then Type in consule. That’s how I play with friends for free.

"connect “friends ip”

This is why lobby systems suck cock and should cease to exist.

Lobby systems should not cease to exist. On Alienswarm it works fine. A pro of lobbies is that you will usually not randomly put in the middle of a game.

though lobbies do not work well in Modern Warfare 2.

Nothing does.

See, I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. I’ve followed like 5 different tutorials, and yet no one can join my server. One of two things needs to happen: fix the Create Multiplayer button, or just remove it entirely.

That’s a dumb thing to say. Just because you can’t seem to start a server, doesn’t mean no one can. Infact, many people do it.

The problem you are struggling with has VERY little to do with gmod/valve/steam. It has to do with your router, it’s the one blocking everything. You can let it allow certain ports so that your gmod server can be online, but to do that, you have to look up guides.

Next time, think twice before posting such a stupid thing

Except there is also a master server list on garrys mod. Albeit not restricted to lobbies only.

Hamachi is sorta like doing the alien swarm thing, but there may be minor differences. All i know is hamachi sucks people should learn to forward ports.

If you don’t know how to setup a server, chances are you aren’t competent enough to administrate and maintain a server either.

Somebody needs to make a instant port forward app for GMod.

Wouldn’t you have to make it compatible with all the different routers or would you be able to make one method that works universally on all routers?

You would need the router’s IP and login data. You would put it in the app and it would do the forwarding. What you don’t realize is that if you have those login data, forwarding is adding 2 lines to a list. Why the fuck would you want an app to do that. It’s like having an app that automatically fills in your steam password.

You could make an app that does ipconfig and finds the routers ip and somehow finds the router model then looks it up and gives you a link to the router and instructions specific to your router on how to port forward… That might be of some help to noobs.

If you are too dumb to figure out what your router’s ip is, then you do not ever deserve a server, also there are plenty of sites that explain how you forward which has a huge list of router models

Like I said.