Item Banned from workshop?

How does my item violate the terms of service? I checked the rules mentioned HERE: but it didn’t break any. Why was it banned?

It even tells you to contact Steam Support, not FP.

Steam support sucks. They never respond.

Pic doesn’t show much, but I assume its just a tf2 model. If that’s the case, it should be pretty obvious why it was removed.
Those are not the only rules you have to follow(notice the red warning says it violates Steam’s terms of service, not Garry’s).

Workshop Terms

It’s probably Lua Errors, that’s what my stuff was banned for. Possibly caused by people not having TF2 mounted and trying to use it.

Yeah, garry said that he’s going to ban them if they shit out lots of errors.
buu342, you can check the errors people get by going to
Unfortunately there’s no proper way at the moment to sign up and get the errors automatically, so you’ll have to do it yourself.
For instance, this is the errors page for your spas12 weapon

Get the workshop id of your addon and put it in<addon id here>/

Make sure the addon doesn’t have every boxes ticked since some idiots do that.

Gamemode,model, ect you only need to tick what’s relevant to the addon.


Weapon, fun, misc

And it says don’t upload copyright content that’s already in the game.

Mybad. I forgot to mention its a swep and it doesnt have any errors.

Did you upload the tf2 model? or did you rate it your self? copy and paste what tags you gave it? was the image bad?

It was only a lua file, the models were taken from TF2 Directly using the LUA. I did not rate my own file, the tags are:

Type: Addon
Addon Type: Weapon
Tags: Fun, Comic

And the image is the image you are looking at in the photo.

Are you still sure about that after what garry posted? :rolleyes:
Because to me it looks like you didn’t even convert the addon for gm13 other than packing it to publish it in the workshop.

I did try to convert, but i forgot completely about the base. I was more concentrated on the swep instead of the base :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you even test your stuff?