Item concept (portable low grade fuel grill)

This idea is an alternative to campfire, which is portable and burn with low grade fuel, but it has few slots and it is dim.
There are two concepts:


I like it, especially the second example.
I think they should add in hydrogen as a fuel source and the chemistry to electrolyze hydrogen from water as a crafting recipe!

We don’t even have gas yet…

Gasoline is much more complicated to produce than hydrogen, even as taken from raw oil. Hydrogen was used as a fuel source earlier than gasoline products. Raw oil does burn but it is difficult to light, doesn’t produce much heat and is only really good for burning in torches and the like.
Hydrogen is as easy as running an electric current through some salt water.
Also it is better.
I like hydrogen.

and youg et the electric current from?
a diesel generator? lol!

Or a hand crank, or or an alcohol burning engine, or coal, or black powder or anything more accessible than diesel.

I don’t know if I like the idea of portable placables, it makes me think of lif:yo raiding tactics. I do like the idea of a low grade fuel/something other than wood burning cooking station.

I idealize this as a “base campfire”. Permanent, no decay.

Nice art though. I love it.