Item condition/duration poll

Hello everyone.

I’m gonna be quick and clear, I personally hate duration on items, I think it’s really fucking annoying and I think the realism ruins more gameplay than it adds immersion.
So I’m curious, what do you guys think about it? Feel free to comment to explain why you like or dislike it.

My reason why I dislike it:
I think it’s a tedious and annoying problem to go on a run and having to bring multiple weapons of the same kind because you might break it during the run and you’ll need a spare.
I think this discourages people to go out on longer runs and explore and encourages them to camp their safe haven because they’ll have to go back to their repair bench to repair whatever they need on the run.

In Legacy roughly the same thing applies and I hate duration there too, in fact, I haven’t seen a server with over 10 population that has full durability on it, everyone seems to hate it.

I too, hate this feature and wish it to be removed or heavily re worked and re balanced.

I’m gonna say I dislike that things break so quickly. Would be nice if they lasted a little longer. However, I do think durability is a useful tool for balancing out various aspects of the game.

some kind of breaking is needed, but durability perhaps isn’t the way to go. another option would be a % chance to break every time the tool is used.

That’s adding RNG into the game. I’m never a fan of adding that in this game.

i spent most of my time making stone hatchets…about 20 of them. that’s too many and too much time wasted. I don’t mind durability but stone hatchets should last at least 3-4 times longer

I think every item should last 3 times longer.

This durability thing is just a matter of balancing. There’s nothing wrong with item durability imho.

I think in order for that they need to add stamina. The likely reason durability wears so fast at the moment is to increase the number of tools to get into a house. Stamina would also play a factor in the length of time, then you could see an increase in durability.

I like the concept of durability, but I think some crucial items break a bit too quickly.

The stone hatchet should either have it’s crafting time reduced or durability buffed. 2 minutes to craft the first item we need seems a bit obnoxious when it breaks 4 trees later. Either we wait a long time for it to craft and it lasts a long time, or it crafts quickly and breaks quickly.