Item decay?

According to today’s “Friday Features” post…

“opening boxes no longer resets decay – old things should actually disappear now”

Am I interpreting this correctly that items in boxes will decay & disappear? (I’d though that decay applied to buildings, not items.) So if I’m reading it right, this means that my backup gear will disappear on me? Is this true? And if so, is there some other way of resetting the decay timer, like taking the items out of the box and putting them back in?

prior to the fix , you could reset the decay timer of buildings by opening boxes in them. i believe this change makes it so people randomly opening boxes of long abandoned houses will no longer reset said houses decay timer.

that is what i believe it means. i could be wrong and it just means old boxes die now

the guy above me answered your question, and it was well needed, things people put down just would never go away lol

Yes it was needed badly so many foundation/pillar/ceiling houses left behind because people keep running through and checking all the boxes for loot lol

Got it. Yeah, I can definitely see why that will be a good thing. Thanks for the answers.

About the decay still, should house with sleepers inside decay?

If they’ve been inactive long enough for the decay to take place, yes.

IHMO, that would be acceptable for a house with actual people sleeping inside not to take any specific decay.
If nobody manage to break into and kill them, why transforming sleepers into comatose? This should be renamed comatose otherwise.
I guess that would be the cool middle ground to satify players that play everyday and one once per week. The first can still try to break and kill, if they can. The second have to handle how good is their house. Getting killed simply because a part of the building disappeared out of the blue, suddenly, because the player failed to connect for 24h is odd.

Removing inactive players is fine. Forcing daily play makes the game being like WoW: unadvisable to anyone with a strict social/work life.

So let’s say sleepers should really slow down decay counter, of push it for a few days more.