Item Decay.

I do hope this is something that’s going to be adjusted:
Shoot 10 things and gun needs repair. Repair (costing half the cost of new weapon) only repairs 40% overall status.
Mine nodes for 1min & 30 seconds: Pickaxe needs repair…

I take a 80hours of in game work to get a 5 mod weapons and 30 minutes later after I’ve installed another countless hours worth of mods on them they break???

I can’t fathom who’d EVER consider that ‘great gaming’ but I find it as rewarding as a swift kick in the nuts after you spit in my eye level of satisfaction…

Edit I Totally agree with adding decay, But completely losing the items after a few hours of use is ridiculous. Charge me 30 metal to repair than the gun breaks 30 seconds later ??? . Get rid of degeration and increase decay cost by 3 x , but make it 5x longer. IDC.


The current system is to somewhat discourage just running around and shooting everything/all day gathering trips with just one tool. Unless you are playing a heavy PvP/high population server, perhaps you should either learn to make use of the infinite durability hunting bow in conjunction with stealth or just chill out in shooting people. And I am well aware how odds are you’d get shot first. I play on a medium population server myself and really only use guns if something gets too close to me or when I can’t talk my way out of an encounter and I’ve had a fully modded P250 be at 74% durability without being repaired for a week because I don’t just mow down everything that moves with it.

Its actually not that bad, but it does need to be toned down. I’ve played on a couple of servers that have altered the item durability and armor to take longer to wear out and with a little tweaking its MUCH better than the default rapid rate of durability loss.

Don’t Shoot Anything or Anyone. Yes that WILL keep your gun from breaking! I COMPLETELY agree…

As I’ve stated I don’t mind a grind penalty. All games have their own resource hog to help maintain balance. But IF I have a gun and take it to a gunsmith and pay him $1250 for repairs. I DO NOT expect the gun be 50% as effective as a new one…

Quit shooting everyone you see and maybe your guns won’t break. Make better use of your equipment. I’m glad the devs are actually making it harder to be an asshole. They are making the game more hardcore at the same time. I approve.

This doesn’t effect ANYONE being an ass… A$$holes shoot you in the back of the head and take YOUR new weapon. This effects the farmer not the griefer. I guess your A a griefer B clueless?

Always tell people who don’t put work into something. They have zero responsibility of the work required to get said product. Douches get free items, THEY don’t care. I farm relentlessly to keep a ‘few’ good weapons working to farm MORE to better equip. If I die I lose hours of progress so griefing and becoming a pos KOS isn’t my priority.

THIS only ADDS to make MORE POS"S as now they need to replace their gun every 10mins so they need to grief even more… /sigh

Edit : and by farm I mean putting the elbow grease into gathering the materials/nodes/hunting animals…

Maybe don’t let people kill you then?

If someone kills you and takes your stuff then that’s their prerogative. You can’t blame the game mechanics for not working in your favor just because you were killed by bandits.

It IS their prerogative. This topic touches on cases for Both sides and I’m amazed at how many it zooms right over their head…

I just play on servers with no durability. Problem solved