Item drag bug

Hello there! There is a bug in inventory for several weeks now. If you drag an item from a box to another, sometimes the item is dropped to the first available box, or dropped on the ground, without releasing the mouse button. It is annoying when you have to drag and drop many items in your inventory, to sum them or to drop them in the belt bar.


Also does anyone have issues using the number keys to select items because for me I have to press it multiple times before it works.

Never had this happen to me. Are you sure it’s not your mouse that’s worn out? It’s a pretty common thing for the mouse button to release by itself if it’s too worn out.

Definitely not the mouse. Had no problem since an update one month ago. I have also changed batteries, but the issue remains.

I agree with Skipcast. I did the same thing (replaced batteries, reset, new USB ports). The only thing that solved it was a new trackball mouse. The contacts were worn out. You’d be surprised.