Item Dupe

So last night im running through resource valley and I see what looks like a huge metal wall, I get closer and it turns out its 100’s of metal foundations somebody has been laying down. When I actually got to the foundations there was a body on the ground so of course I smashed it with my rock as you do to see if he had anything on him and what did he have? 2k wooden planks and 2k metal foundations.

So im pretty new to rust but im guessing this means that there’s a way to dupe items in the game. I know this is alpha so these things happen but can anyone else confirm or deny that there is indeed an item dupe bug?

Every chance it could of been an admin that has spawned those items in. If not, it’s 99% a duper

It could have been but no way to tell as the person looked like they lagged themselves out placing down so many foundations also I cant imagine why an admin on a 200 pop server would spawn 2k metal foundations and start placing them in a key spot for people to build preventing anybody who cant use metal from building. There was 2k foundations on the body when I killed him but he had already placed easily 500

Congrats on being the last 3 people playing rust who didn’t know there is a working and very much abused dupe in game atm.

I have accidentally duped noob torches, and noob bandages from the DDOS issues, trying to move stuff, and come back in and have double of the junk.

2K planks and stuff seems more intentional

There’s at least one huge duper on UK2. Built a huuuge fortress and an insanely large tower out of metal.

Who care about dupers, better make new gun and helicopter, those are important thing for facepunch team :smiley:

dupes happen in evey game im glad the are abusing it now when it doesnt matter and can be fixed before it actually does

to be honest a few dupes can’t hurt an alpha, if anything by doing that he may in effect be helping to stress test that server by creating a black hole of lag

this wave of new sign ups from the steam sale seem to be utterly illiterate, and fail to notice that this is an early access ALPHA, or do not understand what an alpha actually is