Item duplication bug

  1. Remove ethernet cable (Or disable network connection)

  2. Alt F4 Rust

  3. Right click, exit Steam

  4. Ethernet back in

  5. Run Steam

  6. Run Rust

Figured this out in a few minutes after learning the bug was in game again, this can be performed with consistent results.

This bug destroys the game for the majority, please fix it.

Why make it public? It has already been confirmed in another thread that there is a dupe… This will just make the game unplayable for the coming days before we get a new patch… =/

hopefully it will be fixed quicker i guess

Yeah. The idea is that it gets known and it gets fixed. In the mean time, well, too bad. It’s as simple as that. It puts a ‘timer’ on the necessity to fix it.
Kudos for posting it.

I 100% agree with this.

Also why should others play innocently against dupers. At least if its public knowledge people have the choice to use it back.

You have to remember how much good this is doing for the final product. If we get this run of dupes/glitches out the way, the end product is going to be far more stable and enjoyable.

Play the alpha like it is an alpha.

tested, glitch is live…devs will fix it asap! thanks for posting the bug so it gets fixed faster

what is this suppose to do?how does it work? :smiley:

Can anyone try if changing the timeout time from 2 minutes to 5 secs fixes the problem?

Don’t think it makes a difference, if you log out this way your body doesnt drop to the floor.

You sure? this way the server would only wait 5 seconds and if not, put your player to sleep and if the player doesn’t sleep is better to lose the sleeper functionality than having a dupe bug.

How do you change time out ?

Is this not the exact same dupe as the last one that was fixed? It’s practically the same steps.
I feel like they “fix” them, but whatever.

Don’t own a server but should be possible to do with the config files or the admin console.

Didnt Garry say that he fixed it before all the servers had been wiped? Well nice ‘fix’ Garry.

Can confirm when you do the dupe bug, after 2 minutes your body auto sleeps and you can no longer relog to kill your self and duplicate the loot.

If someone can explain how to change the time out then I guess this would be a fix at least for now.

What must be the time out?I would like to set the time out in my server so it won’t work

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i just did that dupe and i died :slight_smile: (that was an empty serwer)

Glad to see this has already been fixed? Tried this on my own server ( ENGLAND Rust Sleeper MORE AIRDRO) so i could have spawned the items anyways just wanted to test it, tried several times and when you click on the server to connect it kind of glitchs and gos back onto the server list (while it puts you into sleep mode) And you click connect again it works but you have already been put asleep.

Therefore i think this is fixed?

The incompetence in fixing this bug shocks me. It’s the same bug over and over - they introduced sleepers and didn’t properly handle the conditions for when players leave improperly, as well as joining back in after leaving improperly. It’s easy to sort out…

  • Shorter timeout for connections, currently people stand mid-animation for a good five minutes before they d/c.
  • Upon timeout or other improper d/c, the player must become a sleeper as soon as it is discovered.
  • Upon logging in, any sleepers or duplicate instances of the player are destroyed.
  • When a player logs in under any circumstances, existence of a killed sleeper or killed duplicate body must be checked for, and the player’s inventory wiped and/or the player forced to respawn (without dropping items) if so.

Implementing these things would make it so that any dupe bugs like those (four?) we’ve seen could never happen again. They keep treating the symptoms and not the root cause, which is like giving someone a long sleeved shirt to cover a giant gash in their arm (ineffective and temporary, for those of you who are a bit thick xD).

yush it apears when u join a server it now puts you into sleeper mode, therefore fixing the dupes?