Item Durability and Repair

I love this idea a lot…however, I feel that there should be some point in which the item is completely removed from the live environment.

As of now, when most items are created or found, such as guns and armor, they remain in the game forever and just merely exchange hands between the players.

These types of items should have durability points, and once exhausted, the item should be removed from the live environment.

For example, a gun has 5 durability points.

Each time a player dies holding that particular gun, a durability point is removed. Once all of the points are exhausted, the gun disappears.

Once a server ages, it just seems that there are way too many guns and armor pieces floating around, being reused repetitively.


They already don’t last forever like you want it to be pretty much.

"-When item is repaired, its max condition is lowered by an amount

-If item is damaged while its max condition is lower than a percentage (20%) destroy the item, and give a few damaged parts in the players inventory"

(Straight from the Trello card you linked)

I must have misread the Trello card. Thank you for the clarification Mooninite!