Item Durability discussion thread

I think that the item durability should not be in the game. It’s the same in minecraft and i don’t like to lose my gear after a while.

What are you guys thinking about it? Post Below.

I like it, it makes you keep farming even after you have everything and forces you to think before shooting random people.

I love it! It now completely validates my reason to horde 100 m4 rifles.

Aww poor hoarder. Its a nice change to the game. Now theres a chance that when you raid people you actually feel like you get away with usefull things.

You have a point there. I like all the changes though. I’ll try to change my look on that update

Just think in a month there will be another update many people will not like. We will get used to Durability Loss and people will start flaming on something else. The sooner we get or lose something the better. Gives us more time to get acclimated.

Give server owners the option to enable/disable it.

it’s a nice step, but i think not every item should have the same durability system.
maybe it can be improved, so weapons, armor, tools, got different mechanics how they decrease in game.
add other conditions like rusty, contaminated etc…

It’s too soon to tell my man, too soon. Give it some time, let the rust settle :wink: and then we’ll have a better idea of how gameplay is working out.

Heres the thing. You can 9 out of 10 just turn off that decay… or a plugin will be installed. so instead of thinking about it ruining the game learn into how you can control it!

Everything that is configured can be reconfigured… I have buildings up for the last 7 days as a prime example of that on my server. This message is just for those that are in low spirits about the idea… Personally a durability would make perfect sense… if it was made right however.

I like it, It makes all the stuff I have feel usefull instead of just hoarding useless crap :wink:

Two compelling reasons for durability:

  1. It makes the concept of “rare” tools/weapons possible in an MMO. Without it, the world just ends up getting cluttered with what *were *“rare” items, and it has no meaning. (if you don’t use them it could still happen, but what’s the point of that?)

  2. It re-focuses the game more away from pointless caveman-CoD gameplay and makes resource gathering and *intelligent *combat a requirement.

All in all, sounds like an awesome addition, and it’s critically important that items “break” in the end, and cannot just be repaired endlessly.

RustBubba has it right - it should make folks think “Do I really want to waste ammo AND duribility of my guns on the nakeds, or perhaps I should conserve and use the bow instead”. It makes the military stuff more valuable, and should cut down slightly on the hoarding and killing folks only for giggles.

Rock has no durability. The hell with weapons. :slight_smile: lol

I dont like the current durability tables, they need to be fixed/tweaked

Hoarding is still a possibility, but they will still be used and wear out, or it’s a pointless exercise.

No matter what, on longer-term servers (months between wipes) it means that the world doesn’t get saturated with high-end weapons that simply pass from the “rich” to the “rich”.

Also, if they get the spawn rate right (based on server population trends) there should be a very small number of high-end weapons on any given server, making the “rare” concept have real meaning.

P.S. Not sure if it was implemented, but when an item is unrepairable, it needs to be **destroyed **and removed from the world, not just “broken”. It would be incredibly annoying to have the world littered with “broken” weapons. (STALKER did this, and it got really tedious)

I guess as long as we have the ability to choose to turn durability on or off and the ability to adjust the durability tables, I have no problem with it.
If I can not adjust my server the way I want it and make it unique, then I will not be happy.

Honestly, I don’t understand the idea of modded/customized servers… The devs. have a vision for what the game is and how it should be played, having a myriad of versions and experiences just dilutes the effort, and makes it incredibly inconsistent.

IMHO, the customized/modded servers should be wiped from the server browser, limited to direct IP connection by console, and advertising through traditional channels (3rd party sites, forums, etc.)

I don’t mind it but it needs to be lowered ALOT. Hatchet broke before stairs broke… I’m all for trying new things but it needs to be adjusted ASAP.

It’s great! some slight tweaks based on the crafting components tensile strength and it would be perfect.

Not a huge fan of the durability that is currently implemented but it will probably undergo tweaks over time or community servers will change the values. It is a good idea that just needs to be balanced over time or players can play on modded servers with it off/adjusted.

Are you new to PC gaming? Companies that support modding should be encouraged, variety is the spice of life and just because you prefer to play vanilla does not mean everyone shares that preference.

A good example is home ownership mods and door sharing mods. The developers eventually fixed the door sharing but for a good chunk of time modded servers allowed players to share doors while an official fix was in the works. Same with home ownership, now a misplaced pillar can be deleted and griefing can be toned down as well. Some people enjoy that while others want the vanilla experience, not sure why you would discourage either preference.