Item durability proposal

I was playing last night trying to build a base and i was gathering stuff with slow stone hatchets until i found normal hatchet in one of the barrels, the use of my new hatchet speeded gathering process alot but durability reached zero and my dear tool became unusable, so i propose a new item in game, something like a file whitch can be crafted with bp, and a sharpening stone whitch cannot be crafted only found on barreld, it would be used to bring durability back, the file and the sharpening stone would have its own durability, file would last for lets say 6 full durability and sharpening stone for something like 3, file can be used with pickaxe and all sharp tools, and sharpening stone only for metal hatchet and knifesā€¦ the point if i dont have a bp for hatchet and i already seatled so i dont want to go to far barrel hunting for blueprints so i want to save my precious hatchets and use it more than once :slight_smile: The same principle could be used with weapons, if you find a specific tool you can fix it right? that way weapons you find wont be full in durability, i mean imagine if you found a brand new axe in a rusty barrell somewhere in the dessert, thats not gonna happen, but old one would be more likely, so you take it and sharpen it and you have a new tool to use :))