Item Durability + Repair talk ?

So i was checking the facepunch todo list and had seen they where planning on working a Item Durability + Repair , now personally i dont mind this at all , and comparing it to DayZ its understandable considering that game does not have base management etc or resource gathering etc etc

this is were i would say the implementation of this is a bad idea at least from my stand point , now as a guy that started this game all alone finding it hard to find good servers i was about to actally give up but ended up finding okey servers but still had the occasionally bandits here and there , now resource gathering was a pain for me it would take me days playing 4-5 hours a day to build a base of witch i have right now with my clan buddies 11x9 is the base metal foundation

now unless repairing your items was super cheap lets say a couple metal fragments etc maybe some cloth depending on the weapon of course , im 50/50 on that considering how hard it is for solo players to get resources , and knowing most servers ive been on it takes quite a while to come across actual good players that are willing to help gathering than shooting you in the face with a shotgun

personally i would not like to see the implementation of this not now or later , what i would suggest is rather than having this just make weapons more harder to craft the pistols can be just a little more expensive than they are right now while getting to shotguns and further up it scales pretty big etc. but thats just my idea/rant

i personally want to know if you guys would like to see a Item Durability + Repair feature implemented into the game

I have a base that has about 20 large spike walls, each day I have to collect 2 or 3 wood piles and spend about 10 minutes running around my base to ‘upkeep’ just those walls. Now if my guns and hatchets and armor started to degrade as well? I think I won’t bother having a ‘home’. I think I’d rather just troll others and break into their house and put up a door, and then have their house degrade, and use their degrading items instead of spending hours getting it all set up, to ‘fight’ to keep it, and ‘fight’ to keep it repaired’ while also ‘fighting’ to keep my equipment ‘ready’ to do the earlier ‘fighting’ literal and figurative.

I’m okay with this update if they ever roll it out, but I may become a full time bandit, as currently it’s easier to take than to rebuild/maintain (decay inferred here).

Umm I had a a whole 120 spiked barricades around my giant ass compound(3 days since wipe) and it took all of 5 minutes to repair; not that big of a deal.

I think durability is a good way to go. Repairs are not that big deal to handle. At least not in any game I have played, MUD or MMORPG.

Also when some one loot your stuff you can always comfort your self that it your gear will brake soon anyway.

well for one i dont use spiked walls unless its actually to defend a weak point in my base witch i hardly every come across , ive found around 7 great locations for bases thats are not besides massive mountains , so i cannot get breached so easily , also the upkeep for your base all you really need to do is turn on the furnace and smelt stuff or the campfire etc etc and the decay timer resets for the entire structure , but for those that run little towns that are protected by large wooden spike walls etc then sure the upkeep for those will need to be attended to every day or so considering they decay and disappear every 2-3 days

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i understand this but the point im trying to get across is others might have a hard time considering in heavy dense servers with 60+ players all resource ores and wooden piles in a certain area are pretty much gone every time you try visit hoping to farm them , and this still happens with 20+ players all tho you can still get a pretty good chance of settling down near ore+wooden pile locations

for instances i play on 2-3 servers , 2 are pretty much near max population of 150 and just sticking my same locations that i know are best to defend , they resource piles are always gone , and i visit every 3-5 mins (usual spawn times) , and a friendly server with around 17-24 players witch is not as bad but need a good dose of PvP sometimes

so some people dont want the hassle of having to repair every single time , but unless they price the cost of repairing accordingly to how damaged the weapon or armor is then i guess so , but i feel durability is most notable known in F2P games , and i guess if the weapon does not lose dmg or accuracy when the durability goes down then i guess i could try get along with that change

but we wont know for sure until we get a response on how this will work and what the durability will effect weapon / armor

there are pro’s and cons to this feature so personally i dont like it but if they done it right the i guess il pull through