Item Durability Thoughts

If my new life becomes nothing more than monitoring my durability and farming to maintain it… then I will probably say my good bye.

The last thing this game needs is more stuff to keep track of. My ears and eyes are maxed out with tasks just making sure I can gather without getting killed.

This game is immerse for me and having more things to pay attention to distracts me from the real gameplay, surviving.

Now if this change was only to guns I would be ok with it… as I feel guns should be removed anyway… but my pants? Please no.

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I’d have to agree with you 100% on this. Gathering is fun to a point but I think this is just going to make gathering too much of a hassle since its going to be increased by a lot due to this.

Items break too fast. You have to carry with yourself 2 sets of armor when you want to go outside to kill people lol

What causes armor to decay? Damage or time?