Item Durability

not even sure if this is already something, but is there any plans for items to wear down the more you use them? for example, your rock breaks down the more you use it and eventually becomes dust after 100 hits.

There is durability on all the vanilla servers. I’m sure they’ll do something similar in the new version.

that said, currently the rock is invincible even on vanilla. otherwise you could potentially be unable to harvest resources;)

That was my thought, it’d encourage you to build a hatchet post-haste and possibily limit the amount of resources you can harvest before your rock turns to pebbles

i know it’s minecrafty, but i personally think we should have a primary weopon of “fist” and a first tier item of “rock/stone” that has durability. doesn’t really make sense to magically have a rock on our person, but it wouldn’t be hard to find one to use;)

I’m okay with the invincible rock as the only item without durability. One could conceivably find one in most places so unless we have random rocks scattered throughout the world it’s fair enough to have an immortal one. Functionally a fist has zero ability to actually harvest stone or wood and is virtually useless as a weapon.

so with both of those thoughts in mind, why not start out without a rock, and the primary objective be finding a rock to then harvest other rocks and trees. or you could go “don’t starve” and make it so that you need to find a tree sapling and a rock in order to craft your hatchet, once that has been accomplished, only then can you start harvesting trees.

i guess i picture some form of context use on woodpiles/stone deposits that gets you a single piece each use. or just punch it until it breaks XD