Item editor dilemma

How can we vote/design, when we have NO idea of the concept of the game.
It’s like making an advert for a company that you know nothing about.
could do with knowing the direction of the game so people aren’t making useless items.
I would like to have a go but i don’t have the time to waste making stuff that might not even be applicable to this game.

? Its a survival game… small focus on guns, big focus on survival.

Bear traps

Something you would want too make in a jungle.

lol got that bit. i should have been a bit more specific really, played 400+ hours

What the maximum degree of tech, what enemies will be present and what pve elements will we have to survive against.

i think these we can only speculate on and i think are fundamental in the design and concept of any item which are put forward. otherwise we will just be throwing pages of items hoping one fits in.

Okay, I think a Neuralyzer is where we draw the line. Also, look around the map. Hangars, radio towers, concrete buildings, and smoke stacks. Why would we have hangars? For storage of items, or a plane. Now what about radio towers? Hm, Radio music, or cell phones. And where is concrete made, Usually factories now, right? And who would construct such a smoke stack? Doesn’t even SOME of this sound somewhat modern/high tech. You should know where to draw the line.

I really hope there is a limit on items like bear traps. One or two actively laid out. I can see that being a problem if you can just create and lay them everywhere.

Doesn’t really matter what the game is doing.
Make anything you want.
Soon the game will be more moddable, think GMOD or Minecraft.
The item creator website is just a tool for making, hosting and grouping together items.

So people can group together and create an item set for their server and share it.
For now it also lets the game devs focus on making more stuff along side whatever we make.
Stuff that is clearly good will be added to the game as soon as possible. This whole idea is to help get content into the game faster.

They started making the tool to speed it up internally, but got the good idea to open it up to the public.

I seem to remember reading that the map is not finalised yet either. (not sure where i read it, read so much over last few months.) and from what i gathered they are going to remove the modern weapons, so all the sights, night scopes and other high tech stuff will be useless. you see on the other hand to produce a Metal bear trap like the one in the item editor you would need modern tools,

i am trying to get a feel for the aesthetics of the game via the artwork on trello.

Attckdog thats far down the line but i hope so.

see why i am slightly confused or am i just having a dumb day lol.

The map is a placeholder, which will be replaced… Like 60% of the game… is " placeholders" might even be replaced with another placeholder… So yeah we don’t know jack about the map…

tbh i think the % is a lot higher than that and thats the problem when designing something.

i don’t feel as stupid now :slight_smile: