Item Editor Website In The Works

Yeah I saw this, potential for admin abuse ever increases. Just Link the damn Trello page.
Your Site looks horrorble :v:

Huh. Allowing greater gameplay variety by letting server admins muck about with item attributes while the dev team come up with new content. Could work.

I wish server admins had zero access to item attributes and zero access to being able to spawn them into their inventories. What a horrible idea to allow admins access to a cheat menu without repercussions for cheating. Want to avoid a Cheatpunch/VAC Ban? Don’t buy hacks! Rent a server! They really are going the WRONG way with servers imo.

Any game with private servers and a sliver of modding possibility, has seen the rise and fall of edited values for default content. In fact Gmod is based around doing nothing but. If people want to be able to spawn Pigs that weigh 0 units so they float up into the sky when you kill them, then it might lead to interesting new ways to enjoy Rust while a proper update comes out.

Or it could turn every private server into a hotbed of evil cheaters.

Personally I’m looking forward to the servers where everyone spawns with an M4 that shoots cooked chicken breasts.

…or one that shoots live chickens.

Where does it say that this is going to be a tool for server admins? As stated on Garry’s twitter, its a tool for the devs and maybe contributors to add/edit items quicker.


Yeah this isn’t for server admins. It’s a tool primarily for us, so we can iterate faster (so non programmers can add items). We’re hoping that the tool will be good enough so we can give access to the public too - so they can submit items for the game in the same way that people can for TF2.

Looking good! Using bootstrap there?

I am totally 100% 180’d on this now. Sounds fantastic Garry. So glad it’s not available to tweak item attributes on rented servers. Item submission sounds awesome. Will Rust have Steam Workshop? Are there any plans to limit “cheating” by server admins? Thanks for taking the time to clarify this item. You guys are nothing short of fantastic at communicating with and involving the community. Just don’t let us grab the wheel from you!

It sure looks a lot like bootstrap

Huh. User submitted content. Maybe someday I can make some of the weapons I so ardently desire to be implemented. I can see that shovel-AK now…

If I was running a dev team, and I was having trouble releasing content quickly enough to maintain my players interest - and I had the catch-all fallback of “its alpha” - I’d be sure to get an SDK out there as fast as possible so the modders can lighten my load a bit.

This should be sweet it has a nice UI

What’s wrong little buddy?

Can’t convince Mommy or Daddy to rent you your own server, so now you’re labeling all owners as “cheaters” because they have access to administrative tools?

Seriously, the level of ignorance expressed on these forums rises daily. Your opinion is extremely biased and based entirely out of spite, nothing more and nothing less, which completely invalidates any statement you’ve made on the subject.

Why don’t we just remove all of the community servers, and you can go play on one of the official servers? Oh wait, you have the option of doing that RIGHT NOW, without any community servers needing to be shut down.


…which then takes out the potential for finding a good server with good admins that will make events that reward players with spawned in items, disallows admins from returning lost items from an accidental rollback, disallows admins to give themselves invisible armor to inspect possible hackers, disallows admins to have any advantage over a player, making the whole point of being an admin superfluous?

:v: ?

There ARE servers that have admins who use their commands but do not abuse them. Don’t generalize the whole status of being an admin as some negative notion. Look a little harder for a better server and/or don’t be so sensitive.