Item ideas: Phase II

So i was thinking since bone knives were implented in the experimental why not assasinations?

i prefer the idea of melee “criticals” from headshots. keeps it more brutal, less skilled:)

also, you’ll need to fix your image link.

Being able to burn stuff with your torch would be neat. I can already imagine the mechanic, burning reduces the durability making it easier to break into stuff. And unless you keep the torch there for a very very long time, you can even burn a house down.

We all know the community. People would probably jump from server to server, wasting 10 mins to farm the basics (cloth, fat and fuel) and craft a few torches, and just walk around the map burning any house they can find.

This is the reason people are going to the experimental branch with the sole purpose of destroying foundations. If the devs make it any easier to destroy houses they will break the game and ensue mayhem.

I fixed the link

assassination would make the game pretty easier.
think about that: you see a kevlar dude standing around using his inventory and you use your bone knife to kill him without giving him a chance.
it would be so annoying to die like that on rust to someone who barely has items :confused:

I actually train military and private groups in survival situations and do search and rescues in the wilderness for a living and I don’t think anything in this game has ever been applied to real life lol. How about some things that would be applied in real life survival situations? Things you wish you had, like a can opener, water purification system, antibiotics, stuff you wish you had during your dying breath in a real life situation, which all does drop in airdrops in real life, along with ammo. In survival water filteration is usually done with coal, also at your local treatment facilities. In real situations most people don’t survive a day and next to none survive 3 days due to lack of drinkable water. A more realistic idea than a eskimo bedwrap would also be a hammock, crafted or military issued. And starting fires like the indians did really is not as easy as it looks, most today resort to trioxide or flint bars bought at bass pro shops. In survival, making fire is one of the hardest tasks ever if you aren’t prepared or trained. In the field I keep a mask that is anti flash bang which is pretty cool, and thermal resistant covers if you wanted to get more battle tech. I like the idea of no compass cause I have to wait til day to find my way which is fun, or the ability to craft one might be fun too. On a side note the games kinda easy and im kinda a tyrant once I can craft heavy firearms. They are a bit easy to craft and repair and over time everybodys house overflows with them. I would like to see items much harder to attain and maintain as it is in real life. And theres no Hershey bars somebody could die for that, those are only in dreams, theres MRE’s, and whatever you just killed, but keep the Hershey bars anyway cause theyre pretty. As far as explosives and keys honestly its way too easy for me to destroy a house, grenades and c4 is pretty common compared to house parts, I could destroy 5 before I could build one, pretty harsh. I would like to see it just as hard to destroy a house as it is to build one so everybody isn’t living in ratholes in the hills all the time to leave the mansion empty every other raid weekend. I bet when the game comes out everybody will want warpaint, that could be a gained item too that comes off like real life. In reality making IED’s are also a sweaty bitch, I have had to dothis, and they don’t go off with a charge alone you have to figure out some stuff, maybe batteries would be needed for a detonator or something at least. I like how you made the bow a less accurate but much stronger weapon as it is in life, few know a compound bow has more force and destructive power than bullets, they push further into walls and break out in a wider path. I know im blabbing on but I guess my main point is in my brief experience in survival situations theres a whole lot of panic and not so much gunsmithing and architecture, maybe make the game a bit nastier.

please space it out a bit next time so i can read it;) nice points otherwise

In rust you were always meant to watch your back. It gives you much more inscentive to listen closely