Item keeps spawning non-stop

I’m making a map myself and I have got a problem with respawneble entities. I used here to make the desired item to respawn. And I’ve managed to respawn an item, (instead of health, I used armor). But the problem is it keeps spawning after it spawns the item, and it doesn’t stop. As you know, normally it should stop after item spawns and never spawn again until player picks up, and it should wait until the refire interval is finished. Just like in the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.

By the way; the sample link at the bottom of the Valve page does not work, so please don’t suggest that. If you have the working one, it’s fine. :slight_smile:

You most likely got some of the I/O wrong. If you want, posting the VMF here so we can take a look ourselves might get you an answer quicker.

This is it.

You don’t need any entities apart from the item you want to spawn and a point_template. Here’s how it should be done:

All you have to do is add the following output to the battery:

[table=“width: 400, class: grid”]

**My output named**

**Targets entities named**

**Via this input**

**With a parameter override of**

**After a delay in seconds of**
2 *(or any delay you want)*

**Fire once only**


Oh thank you, it work at last… I have to say, I feel that something was wrong with it because for respawning one item, you have to make 4 enteties each time. That sound me so ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for your help.

My pleasure. If you run into any more trouble, feel free to PM me or post in the Mapping Question Megathread.