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Hello Everyone!

I’m planning on starting my very first rust server, ‘very first’.

So yeah, here I am: How do I completely remove items from my server, and how do I change what’s inside an airdrop and barrels? I’ve been scrolling through and reading most of the Oxisemods, and they are amazing! But I can’t seem to find this specific ‘thing’ I want.
all I found regarding managing airdrops was:

Also since it’s my first time actually planning to start a server, feel free to shoot any advice. Someone might be even interested in earning a little cash just by guiding me through my journey, just hit me up! I have a plan and it shall succeed :slight_smile:

Hoping on positive response!
PS: Feel free to add me on steam if one prefers to guide me through my journey in private. (Bennazz - Belgium)

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In regard to asking about plugins, you might find it better to ask on oxidemod… though we’re bunch of mod server admins around here also :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if you haven’t already got hold of someone, you can always hook me up on steam :wink:

There’s a better lootplugin that can tweak loot inside barrels and I think the placement of barrels too. You can also use cornucopia to manage the amount of items that spawn.

Also don’t bunp threads here, especially after just 15 hours. People will get grumpy with you.

Thanks for the replies !

Also good to know there’s alot of grumpy people here, Excuse me for the bump ^^


oh buddy, that many dumb votes is nothing;) try and avoid contentless bumps; it’s bannable, and really just irritating to anyone checking new replies in threads.

Just because we are grumpy doesn’t mean we are unhelpful.

You need to make sure that Oxide is installed on your server. That will vary by provider - my provider just as a one-click process to install it. You will also need to remember to re-install Oxide after each Server update. You can check its running by typing “oxide.version” at the console.

Plugins are really easy to install - download the plugin file from Oxide, and then upload it to the plugins folder. It will be automatically installed. Exactly how you upload will also vary by provider, but my provider has a “WebFTP” interface that’s pretty intuitive to use.

You can uninstall a plug-in just by deleting the file on the server.

Then, I would say, spend some time play around with different ones. You can sort them by popularity, if you want a fast track on to seeing what other people use a lot. I strongly recommend “Devil’s Island” (because I wrote it).

There is also per plugin support at Oxide, and in general your going to get more help there than here.

Good news! Me and my friends found out a way how to do it. :pcrepair:

(We wanted to remove all guns from the game for +/- 2weeks, after that, we will add them again for endgame)

Like that we actually managed to create a server with some ‘primitive warfare’ :poot:
And so, game is more fair for everyone. Since it’s tiring getting shot while all you have is a wooden spear :disgust:

server is named ‘World of zulufare’, which totally makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: (Check google ‘Zulu warriors’)

Thanks for the comments/help anyway!
And sorry again for the ‘dumb’ bump <3

(feel free to contact me if you want to know how exactly we did it)

Booo! No mentioning server names here. Reddit /r/playrustservers