Item path recorder.

Here’s something that would please any Machinimist:
A tool that can pre-set paths for objects to follow.

Similar to the Catmull rom camera recorder thing ( a tool where when you right click it creates a replica object (like the facer tool would) and left clicks creates a point/path for it to follow.

This is a load easier if, say you want a vehicle chase to go like this:

Or similar. Endless possibilities.
Modify the idea at will. It’s based upon this thread I made:

It can be done. People do it with wiremod.

Doing it with wiremod can be quite awkward if you need to make lots of adjustments. It’s much more user friendly to just point and click where you want it to go instead of adjusting arbitrary numbers in E2.

You could set an array to save each point when you press . for instance, then create a hologram at that position. Then just applyforce to that position.

Does it save the exact position, height and angle, and are you able to adjust the speed in which the object travels between the points?


That’s all well and good. Since I’m quite mediocre in wire, anyone mind explain it, or upload a dupe?

i agree aim and click works nice but what if u want it to follow a path
i my self cant figure out e2 for the life of me
there should be a path recorder wire tool where u spawn a becon and move ot around to form a path that a target locator can follow or u run around and it records it all for later use
or even follow ropes like some robots do in real life were they follow a line on the floor

Overv is making something like this, check out

Whoop. I got it.

Easy to use perfectly working addon. Thanks Orvev.