Item status?

I know that Rust is still in Alpha but I was thinking about something for maybe later in the game.

Should there be a item status?
What I mean is if you craft something like kevlar boots you have a chance for good condition.
How more you craft that item, how more chance for a good condition.

An example.
If you make a lether helmet for the first time you will have:

  • 70% chance for bad condition.
  • 30% chance for normal condition.
  • 10% chance for good condition.

If you make a lether helmet for the 50 time you will have:

  • 100% chance for bad condition.
  • 70% chance for normal condition.
  • 50% chance for good condition.

Howbetter the condition how better the defense.


Bad condition: 5 bullet defense.
Good condition: 10 bullet defense.

This is just an example so it will not be that but just an example.

And its also for a wall. How more you craft it how more c4 it can take.

Bad condition wall: 2x c4
Good condition wall:4x c4

This is like getting a reward for playing Rust for a long time.
What do you guys think?

Good Luck in Rust Survivors!

If being worn, armor degradation occurs, or if only when taking damage, the armor points drop. You’re able to repair armor with its corresponding material (cloth, leather, metal).

Damn, meant to agree lol.

Dont forget to leave a comment why you picked that choice

I personally think it’s a great idea, one question, does this reset after you die?

I dont know.
Cause if your defense sucks then you will never have a chance to get a good condition.

So I think that you will just keep your progress.

But its up to the game dev’s not me.

I like the idea that crafting armor has a grade value for the better you are. But this almost turns the game into an MMO play style…

I think this would help or resolve the issue when there are groups of 4 - 6 kevlar geared players that just cycle the map and kill everything in sight for fun. Maybe with item degradation, their gear wont last forever and some people might have a chance. Hmm

That’s a good idea too. If being worn, armor degradation occurs, or if only when taking damage, the armor points drop. You’re able to repair armor with its corresponding material (cloth, leather, metal).

Thanks for the tips!
I will add it to post #1 so everyone can see it!

So each condition would have a certain amount of points linked to it, for example good condition helmet will have a 100 points while a bad condition will have 50. Those points will go down very slowly while being worn and will go down quickly if you’re being shot or damaged. Is that right?

Thats right!

Do you think that this is a good idea?

I think that it makes sense, but may turn out to be frustrating to some gamers who frequently engage in combat. But it is a good idea and I suppose it is a trade-off of sorts

It would prevent people from entering combat without hesitation, sure you might win, but not without a loss. I think thats good, you should be afraid of fighting in a survival game.

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I think it’s a great idea! hope the devs see it

I hope it aswell!

I like this idea also or at least something of the sort

How is this possible?

Shouldn’t all the percentages add up to 100%?

-50 % chance for bad
-30 % chance for normal
-20 % chance for good

Problem solved!

this is dumb.

While I like the idea, I think it should be expanded upon.
For example, if you craft a poor condition Kevlar helmet, with the proper equipment (IE. A repair kit which takes massive metal, cloth, and leather to craft) you should be able to bring it up to 100%. Granted, you would only bring it up by 25% each time you repair it. So if you made the worst possible Kevlar helmet you could make, (say at 50% condition) you can use two repair kits to bring it up to Excellent condition.